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Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the central figure of Christianity that can be presents in a multifaceted way:

1. Historical Figure: In the first century of the common era, Jesus existed. The historical facts and academic agreement are overwhelming in favour of Jesus' historical existence.
2. Divine Nature: Jesus is the Son of God. Referring to biblical stories in which Jesus declares his divinity, works miracles, and rises from the dead, he paints Jesus as heavenly.
3. Moral Teacher: The world has been significantly affected by Jesus's teachings on justice, love, and forgiveness.
4. Saviour: Jesus, the human race's Saviour. The central teaching of Christianity is the death and resurrection of Jesus, who provides those who believe in him the promise of eternal life and the forgiveness of sins.
5. Personal Relationship: A great deal of firsthand accounts and testimonials highlight that knowing Jesus is about developing a personal relationship with him rather than merely academic agreement.


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