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TBC is led by a motivated Staff Team and an elected Church Council. All happenings at TBC are led by people who work diligently and passionately towards our various ministries.

A skilled Staff Team manage the ministries. The Church Council in their various roles look after governance at TBC. TBC’s passionate members work together with the Staff, Council and Leaders to reach out to the community with Love.


At TBC Leaders are encouraged to pursue relevant training and are accountable via the various Policy’s and Codes of Conduct. TBC is committed to the well-being of our community and follows formal screening processes for leaders and volunteers.


The Leadership Policy in full may be accessed here. This Policy was adopted at the TBC Church AGM on November 29th 2020. 

The constitution in full may be accessed here


TBC is committed to protecting the safety of all people within its programs, ministries, events and services. Safe Church Policy applies to all staff, leaders and volunteers and has been developed to uphold our commitment to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults.


All policies are in accordance with Applicable Legislation:

  • Victorian Child Safe Standards (CCYP Standard 3)

  • Working with Children Act 2005

  • The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988


The TBC Church Safe Policy in full may be accessed here
The TBC  
Volunteer Recruitment Policy in full may be accessed here

The TBC Grievance Policy in full may be accessed here


The TBC Code of Conduct for Leaders may be accessed here

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