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Mal Collins


Mal joined us in 2020.  Together with his wife Heather they are passionate the local church and about leading and ministering to the Templestowe Baptist Church family.  Mal & Heather were previously leading TBC in 2016-17 and it is great to have them back leading us in these very difficult times.

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Triango Lee


Triango was baptized in Aberdeen Baptist Church Hong Kong in 1984 and was married in 1992 to Aimee.

Triango and his family (Aimee and their son James) moved to Melbourne in 2005 and in 2007 became a member of Templestowe Baptist Church.


In early 2018, he was called to be the Pastor of the TBC Mandarin Ministry.

Triango holds a Graduate Diploma in Divinity and is currently at Melbourne School of Theology completing his Masters Degree in Divinity.


Triango enjoys running, bike riding, reading and music.

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Caleb Nip



Rev Caleb Nip affirmed his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ at a crusade held at his home church in Hong Kong in 1976. Following his baptism in 1977, he has been committed to serving God, and to sharing the Gospel.


In 2018, he was ordained as a Reverend in the Melbourne Chinese Bible Church, where he served as Senior Paster for nearly five years prior to joining TBC. His ministry strengths are preaching and teaching as well as fostering outreach ministries.


Rev Caleb studied at the Melbourne School of Theology, from which he earned a Master of Divinity. He believes that the Bible is the best medium for us to understand God's will given that the Word of God provides the highest guidelines for our everyday life. His preaching is mainly exegesis based on the Bible.


He is married to Susana and they are blessed with four children, Gisela, Goretti, Japhet and Jaidyn; and two sons-in-law Samuel and Nathan.


His philosophy is to serve God faithfully with soberness of mind and in a spirit of love and humility.

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Jenny Kennedy

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