Joshua Lukes's testimony

young adults and Youth Pastor

I was born in a Christian family and would say I can’t remember a time I didn’t believe in God and know Him, however, between the time I was 5 and 10 years old my Dad lost his faith and stopped coming to church. Four years later my parents divorced and my large family of nine siblings was ripped apart and several people walked away from God.


Two years later, when I was sixteen, my church sent myself and three of my siblings to a Christian conference for young people in the midlands region of England. There I saw the power and love of God in a way I’d never experienced before. My sister who had turned away from Christianity and arrived at the conference not wanting to be there at all, did a full 180 degrees turn and by the end of the weekend she was like a completely different person. I had never seen her so joyful and excited having asked Jesus to forgive her and be the one in charge of her life again.

For myself, I similarly recommitted myself to Jesus and immediately felt God had cleaned me up on the inside; He had forgiven me and I had a powerful sense of His love for me personally – it was also the first time I’d ever felt truly accepted by people my own age. The ripple effects of this weekend transformed my family.


All nine children today are followers of Jesus and I can see how all the good relationships between us can be traced back to what God did in the days after that weekend and how God helped us. Jesus transformed my family. From there on, my faith and my love for Jesus went to a new level. God has been with us through some very difficult times since then, dealing with domestic violence and alcoholism, and I am so thankful for what He has done and continues to do in my life.

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