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TBC is excited to present:

Once upon a Christmas

The Once Upon a Christmas production is about Ally’s journey in search for a true hero. She visits three fantasy worlds, the land of wealth, power and romance, but finds a hero in somebody she was not expecting.

The cast deliver an exceptional musical and theatrical performance supported by a live band and plenty of humour. 

Come along to this free family-friendly event and get into the true spirit of Christmas this year, hosted at the new Templestowe Baptist Church. 

Cast: Hannah Wildgoose, Jason Saraj, Jarred Dormel, Zoe Kohler, Charmaine Jones, Rachel Vardy, Zac Kohler, Evangeline Kohler and Esther Joy Van Damme.


One:    Sunday, 9 December, 7pm

Two:     Saturday, 15 December, 7pm

Three:  Sunday, 16 December, 10am

Four:    Sunday, 16 December, 7pm


Entry is free! Register Here


Templestowe Baptist Church

103-105 Andersons Creek Road

Doncaster East

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